«The choir XANG, the Zuger Big Band and soprano singer Evelin Suter, presented an overwhelming concert.»
Luzerner Zeitung26. June 2017
«Conductor Peter Werlen led them through the concert in a very soft and precise way, proving an extraordinary quality...»
Aargauer Zeitung18. September 2001
«Restrained and well thought out, the Aargauer Lerche under Peter Werlen, has found the right way to combine the sensual intimacy with the spiritual strength of this work.»
Aargauer Tagblatt29. June 2000
«The ensemble, founded 28 years ago, counts approximately forty amateur singers and is carefully and precisely led by Peter Werlen, focusing on a homogeneous sound pattern, perfect intonation and transparency of polyphony, rather rarely guided towards dramatic effects.»
Aargauer Zeitung24. January 2000
«The «Aargauer Lerche der Engadiner Kantorei» is a distinguished choir of amateurs, which was once more shown in the catholic church last weekend. Be it the bribing diction, be it the compactness and the homogeneity of the overall sound: The ensemble, that is under the management of Peter Werlen, convinced on many levels. »
Aargauer Zeitung14. September 1999
«Peter Werlen is concentrated on the music, creative and very communicative ..., and also in the sympathetic guidance of the audience in the open singing. »
Walliser Bote31. December 1996
«Peter Werlen is, as that Briger «christmas concert» once more proved, a creative musician ...»
Walliser Bote24. December 1996
«Peter Werlen is a conductor with high quality at the desk. His gestures are clear, sometimes a bit eruptive, but always precise. »
Walliser Bote16. December 1995